Brandy Crusta

Origin of name obscure, but according to the book Old Waldorf Bar Days (1931) a favorite beverage of Uncle "Billie" Oliver, a good patron of the Waldorf-Astoria Bar who, besides being a gallant drinker, was during business hours a stock-broker.

  • Cup one-half small Lemon
  • Put in cocktail glass
  • Dip edge of glass in powdered Sugar
  • In mixing glass put two dashes Angostura Bitters Four drops Lemon Juice Two dashes Curacao Jigger Brandy Stir well; strain.

--From Albert Stevens Crockett. Old Waldorf Bar Days; With The Cognomina And Composition Of Four Hundred And Ninety-One Appealing Appetizers And Salutary Potations Long Known, Admired And Served At The Famous Big Brass Rail; Also, A Glossary For The Use Of Antiquarians And Students Of American Mores;: New York, Aventine Press, 1931.